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 The office will be closed April 2nd to April 5th. We will return Monday, April 9th! Please call the office to get more information about our on-call doctors.





The office will be closed for vacation from Friday, March 2nd to Sunday, March 11th. We will re-open at 9 am Monday March 12th. Please call the office to get more information about our on-call Doctors. 




Count the number of hearts in the jar!

The closest guess will win a Puccio Orthodontics swag bag filled with braces/invisalign friendly goodies! 



 What a great day to get your braces off! Juliana and twins Rebekah & Margaret got their braces off this morning! Happy smiles all around!




We are re-decorating our Christmas tree! We will be collecting hats, gloves and scarves for Concerns-U, help us help keep our community warm! Check us out on Facebook for updates on upcoming events!


Frosty is here to bring us some cheer! Don't forget to ask us how you can win a gift card by pulling a toothbrush from Frosty's magic hat! 


Bring in 3 non-perishable items and get a raffle ticket to win one of these prizes!

Tickets for lights in the park

1 ½ hour jump session at SkyZone

1 adult & 1 child ticket to Via Aquarium 


Some fun times here at the office!

See our Facebook page for more pictures!


Not only did Hailey get her braces off she came dressed up to her appointment! 


Our September Tooth brushing winner was Grace! 

Congratulations! Keep up that good oral hygiene!



Dr. Puccio at the Invisalign Treat Facility in Coasta Rica. Top Invisalign providers are invited to visit the facility and meet the technicians who are assigned to process their cases. Angelica is Dr. Puccios lead technician.



 Here are our winners of the Traveling Dr. Puccio Head Summer Contest! Congratulations to all our Winners! 1st place winners & winners of the iPod Touch Hailey & Madison, 2nd place winners Garrett & Natalie, 3rd place winner Natasha, and the winner of traveling the furthest (to Spain!) Analisa! We can't wait until next summer to see where Dr. Puccio will travel to next!




What a beautiful day to celebrate! The staff took Dr. Puccio & his wife Eileen to lunch to celebrate 30 years in practice! Cheers to 30 years!!



Starting Monday, October 2nd try your luck and win a pumpkin and a Halloween toothbrush! 

Be sure to ask about our pumpkin patch at your next appointment!



The traveling Dr. Puccio contest has ended and the winner will be announced soon! We had so many entries! Here are a few entries that were submitted!

Owen brought Dr. Puccio to Orlando and Reagan brought Dr. Puccio to Disney to meet Goofy!  

Dr. Puccio also explored the Galapagos Islands with Natasha!  


Congratulations to Kyla, the winner of our Luke Bryan tickets!  She was so excited!  


Summer 2017

Traveling Dr. Puccio Contest

It’s Back! The Traveling Dr. Puccio contest is back! He loves adventures and he’d love to join you! Just ask at the front desk for a Dr. Puccio head and then send us some photos. You could win an Apple ipod touch or Amazon gift card! 

Addison & Emily


Addison was in yesterday and brought her beautiful doll Emily with her. Emily has braces and headgear, just like Addison! Very cool! 

Conserns-U Donations


Please join our office again in supporting Conserns-U! We will be collecting new scarves, coats, hats, gloves and/or mittens for all ages. For every item you bring in you will be entered to win a Visa gift card for $200! This drive will run through mid-February. Help us help those in need! 

Invisalign, Braces – Dr. Gary Puccio
Orthodontic Specialists


Congratulations to Ashley on winning our toothbrushing contest!  Keep up the great work!  Next drawing is December 1st!


Dr. Puccio has achieved Elite status with Invisalign and we celebrated with lunch and cake!! Elite providers are in the top 5% of providers as designated by Invisalign. Elite Providers have been working with the Invisalign product for a long time, with at least 300 lifetime patients treated. We are very excited to have achieved this goal!


Join us in our latest contest….Where in the world is my toothbrush? Wherever your summer adventures may take you, bring your toothbrush along and take a photo for our contest! Send us your photos and get a chance to win a GoPro waterproof action camera!


Congratulations to Ella on winning our toothbrushing contest!  Great job!!


These are just some of the thank you cards we have received over the years. So fun to look back at them and reminisce! We are so lucky to have such amazing patients and parents!



Dr. Puccio is now the top Invisalign teen provider in the area!  So exciting!  


Dr. Puccio and staff recently completed CPR and AED training. We renew our certification every 2 years. Thanks to Sandy for being such a wonderful instructor!


Happy anniversary to Danielle!  She’s been at Dr. Puccio’s office for 16 years and was even treated by him as a teen!


Congratulations to Craig, Jenna and Ethan for wining the Visa gift card for our CoNSERNS-U winter drive contest!  Thank you to all who donated to our hat, gloves, scarf and coat drive for CoNSERNS-U in Rensselaer.  It was a huge success!  With your help, those who are less fortunate were given some beautiful new winter items to stay warm.  


This is one of our most popular contests…count the candy in the jar! Make a guess next time you’re in the office and maybe you’ll win a Funplex gift card!



Congratulations to Henry, our latest toothbrushing contest winner!  Keep up the great work!


Please join our office in supporting Conserns-U, serving families and individuals in the community – Schodack, East Greenbush, Rensselaer, Nassau and Sand Lake.  They are committed to helping people meet the challenges of day to day living.  Services include food pantry, crisis intervention, clothing, back to school supplies, holiday programs, emergency assistance and much more!

 We will be collecting new scarves, hats, coats, gloves and mittens for all ages – infants, toddlers, children and adults.

For every item you bring in you will be entered in a raffle to win a Visa gift card for $150.00!!

This drive will run through to the beginning of January.  

 Help us fill this box!  


It’s pumpkin time at the office!  Pick a toothbrush for a chance to win a pumpkin!


Shruti is our latest toothbrushing contest winner!  Congratulations and keep up the great work!  


Congratulations to Makaila for winning our Traveling Dr. Puccio contest! She sent in a great picture and won a Kindle Fire. Thanks to everyone for sending in such wonderful photos! We really enjoyed seeing everyone’s adventures!


The Traveling Dr. Puccio contest has ended and winners will be announced soon! Makaila sent in this great picture. She took Dr. Puccio to the San Diego, CA Marine Corp Depot & Museum. “Keep those braces clean soldier!” Love it!


 Congratulations to Taylor on getting her braces off! She came in for every visit with a smile on her face and was so excited for debond day! Keep smiling, Taylor, and thanks for making us smile so much!



Congratulations to Gabby on winning our toothbrushing contest!  You’re doing a great job!  





 Our summer contest will be the Traveling Dr. Puccio this year! Take Dr. Puccio on your fun adventures this summer and send us some pictures for a chance to win a Kindle Fire! Dr. Puccio “heads” are available at the front desk….stop in and pick one up. You can submit entries by mail, email or bringing them in. Looking forward to seeing your entries! 


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